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We’re pleased to announce the latest in our list of decoupage in-shop projects!

Turn an ordinary tea set into something extra special.


Learn to decoupage your own Tea Set which includes:

1 Dallah

1 Tea cup and saucer and

1 Serving tray

Workshop price: AED625; all materials included

Pay the special discounted price above for the whole set and schedule your sessions on different days. You can also opt to do it all in one day, but please check with us for the availability of the date.

You can also choose to make just one of the three pieces of the set.


 Decoupage this elegant dallah for your tea-time enjoyment.

Workshop price: AED275; all materials included

Duration: 4 – 5 hours




This Tea-Cup and Saucer is a short and sweet session after which you take home this adorable set.

Workshop price: AED150; all materials included

Duration: 2 – 3 hours





Create this beautiful Tray to serve things up on special occasions.

Workshop price: AED250; all materials included

Duration: 4 – 5 hours

 We will walk you through the process with step-by-step instructions and make sure that you go home with a finished project.

 Your friends and family will not believe you made these yourself!

Book your class today!

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Just like that, our second batch of summer campers have completed another two weeks of fun projects. We had lots of fun learning new techniques and crafting tricks that the kids can use on their own crafting projects at home. Job well done guys!

That’s it for July. We look forward to what sort of creative young individuals August will bring us!

New dates for the summer camp are to be posted on the site soon.

Keep on creating!


Two weeks of summer camp have now passed and our first batch of campers have had lots of fun creating amazing work. Here are some highlights from the last few days.

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We don’t need to say more about how amazing and addictive a craft decoupage can be. Recently we have had more people interested in learning the craft and have turned out to be pretty good at it too.

Gail had always wanted to get into a hobby like this and found our shop after a little searching on the Expat Woman forums. She decided to use a paper and tissue technique to create her first decoupage project. The result is a beautiful rose-themed box with a vintage look. Gail did splendid work, though it was her first time trying.


Sheryl is a crafter who decided to learn decoupage so she could work on such projects with her granddaughter when she visits her in Australia. She used the same antique roses Gail used (these roses turned out to be a crafter favorite that week) over a crackle finish to create her beautiful shabby chic box.


Tasneem chose to work with a tray for her decoupage session. She used a very detailed tissue and carefully cut out the flowers, fruits, and stems. The background of white crackle for all that floral detail gives the tray a cottage chic charm.

We just love how these decoupage projects turned out and how each lady added their own personality to their respective pieces. Its makes you wonder how you can create your own unique pieces, doesn’t it? If you’d like to take a session with us, you can check out the workshop details here: Paper Napkin Decoupage.

We hope you got inspired with today’s shared projects. Keep on creating!


Welcoming and accommodating guests is a pleasure many people in Dubai enjoy. Homeowners decorate guest rooms in a way that makes the guests feel welcome and quite at home. In terms of décor, everyone has their preferences, but how about adding a unique personal touch of your own with a welcoming message in the form of a decorative plaque. You can even create one with an inspirational quote just for yourself.

Martie is one lady from Abu Dhabi who has come to create with us many times. She just loved the idea for the plaque and decided to create one to inspire her everyday with a special quote.

Quote decoupage plaque

Here is Martie’s finished plaque with its quote that everyone should take to heart. This is just beautiful!


Barbara is the lady who started it all, that is, she is the first one to create the plaque as in-shop projects with our assistance. She did an amazing job of putting together three fantastic pieces, each one already matched to a guestroom in her home in the UK. Above is a lilac themed plaque to welcome a guest.


The orchids from her wallpaper helped Barbara choose the colors for the plaque above. The orchid accents were cut from the wallpaper itself and moulded using the Sospeso Trasparente technique.


Barbara’s third plaque uses a mostly green and white color scheme with bright splashes of pink. Just lovely!

These ladies did splendidly and so can you. The unfinished plaque is available as one of our many decoupage blanks. Take one home to work on today or call and set a day and time to have us assist you in creating your plaque as an in-shop project. For those taking it as an in-shop project, let us know what your favorite quote at least a day before.

Hope today’s post inspires you. Keep on creating!

If you want to create your own quote plaque with us, you can also signup here:
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Even before we got the chance to publish the “IT’S ABOUT TIME” Clock Kits on the blog, they have been flying out of the shop already. Well, this just proves that time does fly when you’re having this much fun!

Here are a few of the amazing clocks that some of our first clockmakers have been able to create.
You’ll recognize Gaewyn as our featured cropper for this month. Scrapbook layouts weren’t the only thing on her agenda. She also took time out to create these simply amazing clocks for her grandson’s rooms in Australia. Scrapbooking paper and stickers worked marvelously for African Safari and dinosaur themed timepieces.

Rehab is very seasoned in decoupage, but she hadn’t done it in a while and she also wanted to try decoupaging with crackle effect. Her session produced this beautiful rose clock with one-step crackle.


Renee, one of our young crafters, was able to create this lovely clock for her mother’s kitchen. A lot fussy cutting created the tissue centerpiece for this distressed vintage wall clock. As we speak, it’s hanging on their kitchen wall at home.

We just love what these crafters have done this time around. We look forward to seeing what YOU make out of our CREATE IT YOURSELF – It’s About Time Decoupage Clock Kits. Get them now while “there’s still time”.

Keep on creating!


Clocks have always been fascinating and appealing to many ever since more accurate means of measuring time were created. They figure a lot in scrapbooking and are staple items in homes, schools, and offices.

Once we started creating our own clocks with different decoupage techniques, we became very excited! Not only are these timepieces decorative, they are also an essential part of a functional room in the home. With our new CREATE IT YOURSELF “IT’S ABOUT TIME” KITS you can customize you own clock to suit your home décor perfectly. Clocks like these also make beautiful and “timely” gifts for any occasion, especially now that Christmas is practically tomorrow.

The “It’s About Time” Kits include a clock base, a re-usable number stencil, and the clock mechanism. Available sizes are 12 inch and 8 inch. You can get the kit to create on your own at home or let us assist you if you choose to make it as an In-Shop Project.

With the In-Shop Project, there are four techniques you can choose from to create your clock. So, whatever your crafting style or if you are in the mood to try something totally new, there is a technique that is right for you. The possibilities are endless.
Decoupage clock

ONE-STEP CRACKLE – You will love how this technique gives your tissue decoupage a different dimension.


DURATION: 3 hours



3D PAPER LAYERING – Learn how to use your favorite scrapbooking paper to decorate your clock.


DURATION: 3 hours


Crackle art
CRACKLE ART CLOCK – Learn how to layer tissue over a crackled surface to create a shabby chic look.


DURATION: 3 hours


RAISED PLASTER DISTRESS TECHNIQUE – Those with a love for vintage pieces will enjoy learning how to create this lovely shabby, distressed look. You’ll be surprised what goes into this!


DURATION: 3 hours

Isn’t this project just one of the coolest things? Come over to the shop and take some “time” out to CREATE IT YOURSELF!

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Keep on creating!