Have you made a wish?







The Christmas holidays are going to be upon us before we know it and we know many of you are already preparing. The Christmas paper and embellishments are flying off the shelves, but don’t worry, we have more on the way.  How many of you tend to forget about yourselves at this time of year? Well, how about giving your family and friends a gentle nudge this year by suggesting they look here to view your wish list. They will need your sign in email address to find your wish list. The wish list is under the ‘home’ button. 

Have you made your wish list? 


Here is how  to create your wish list

Enter the website and click on ‘shop’; options will then drop down. We went to new arrivals, have you been there lately ? Once you have found items you would like to add to your wish list, click on ‘add to wish list’ which sits under the ‘add to cart’ button. This will lead you to ‘create a wish list’. Scroll down to find it, then fill in your email address and a pass word and then up comes your selected item on your wish list. Done!

So encourage your family and friends to view your wish list if they struggle, just a bit, to find you a gift you will love. present2bAlternatively, Creative Hands has gift vouchers, so you can come and visit us in the new year.

We love to see you any time!

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