DUBAI & UAE Word Books

We now have these two chipboard Word Books (Dubai & UAE)  especially for you;  ready for you  to add your creative imagination.

Imagine making one of these  mini scrapbooks for your visitors and giving it to them, photo ready,  in their welcome gift basket.  Oh! you don’t put together a welcome basket?  Why not? 

These are a few of our suggestions to make your visitors feel really welcome:

A map

Discount vouchers

Hand wipes

Miniature Sun lotion

Special local Sweets

Their own front door key

Directions for the taxi drivers

Water carrier

Tickets to a show or exhibition

A friday brunch promise – voucher you have made 

What else would you include?

It can be fun putting these welcome baskets together, adding items that are personal to your visitors also shows you care about them and that they enjoy their holiday. Don’t forget to add a hand-made card with happy holiday wishes too.


 The word books are also a great idea for those wanting to start scrapbooking with a small project or those wanting to give a friend leaving Dubai something special. 

What better time than Christmas to make one of these Word Books; we have plenty of Christmas paper and embellishments in our store, why not make  one for your visiting families, a Christmas in Dubai to remember.

Annais and Janita  made up these examples for you and you can see inside them in our gallery.

Word Books – BUY NOW

Remember to browse other areas of the shop whilst on-line; we have worked hard to upload the entire shop. We hope you like it.

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