Creative Hands Opens Shop in New Location

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A big big thank you to everyone for your support since I opened my blog and asked you to travel a journey with me to my new shop.

At last, I have a lovely space where I can share my passion for Paper Crafts and enjoy your visits. Plenty of space and light offers all that you can imagine to enjoy your hobby; I will concentrate on customer services and will welcome your suggestions to improve month after month.

I have kept the prices of the present stock at the same price; which does not reflect the increased over heads of now owning a shop. All new stock will increase, not too much :), so please visit me on Sunday the 16th of May for my  ‘soft opening’ whilst there is still some organising and settling in things to do.  I didn’t want to delay sharing my shop with you a moment longer.

Please call me if the map isn’t clear to you or you want to ensure I have what you are looking for before you leave home. Because I know for some of you the Green Community is a little further to travel.

I will have a celebratory event very soon.

Thank you again Ladies; I will look forward to seeing you all again very soon x


2 thoughts on “Creative Hands Opens Shop in New Location

  1. Susan says:

    With this location map and all this pictures, you can never get lost, very easy to find. And surely you’ll get the value of your money plus the warm smile welcoming you from the on-hands owner.

    Wishing you more success.

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