2 thoughts on “RAMADAN KAREEM

  1. sharjahscrapbooker says:

    hi….im glad that there’s another craft store here in uae. at long last that i’ve been looking for. Can u please let me know if u have available cricut machine cartridges for muslims coz i can’t find in cricutmachine.com even in ebay. The same im also im looking for cricut immagine ink coz too difficult for me to order openly in US due to shipping charges.



    • Creative Hands says:

      Marie we are glad you have found us! We are only sorry it has been difficult for you to find us – if you have any suggestions to help others find us please share with us ways in which we can help.

      About the Cricut – have you been on their website lately regards the Craft Room – we believe it is free if you register with them – http://www.cricut.com/craftroom/default.html – have you read about the Craft Room ? It seem to us that you may be able to search for the cartridge you want and play with it first and then download it immediately – wouldn’t that be the answer? Then there is no need to organize shipping! Of course the ink is another matter for you – we will see how we can help. Please come and visit us soon and have a chat – we would love to know more about your experiences with the machine too.

      The company does appear to be evolving every moment we check into their site – and to be Mac compatible will make a big difference to some of our customers we know – Annais is looking into the developments of the Cricut machine of late – but what we need to do first is to see what interest there is for the machine here in Middle East and more importantly how we can offer our costumers the best service we can regards the sale of the equipment.

      In the mean time Marie we will see what we can do to help, as for stocking the product we do need to have those interested in the machine to register with us and we can move towards placings orders.

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