You have to see this product to get excited about it. It is a new medium for us and the results are truly fabulous. The product will transform any surface with a beautiful shimmer and glow in stunning and intense metalic colours; also ideal for adding vibrancy to any item in your home. We have seen old vases revitalised and boxes and storage draws decorated with such individualism its an incredible product that is so easy to use. We gathered the following product information for you and added a layout to the post, but come in soon to see for yourself how special this (new to our store) product is.

Inka-Gold is a non toxic creamy bees-wax based high pigment metallic gloss paint that is delivered in a smooth paste in elegant metallic shimmering colours which are easy to use. Simply apply with a sponge and polish with a gentle rubbing action. It dries immediately and is suitable for all absorbent surfaces. The natural beeswax helps make it weather and water resistant. 

One jar of Inka Gold can cover up to 80 square ft. Excellent for refinishing or accenting furniture. Also great for paper mache boxes, chipboards, paper crafting and much more.

A sample layout using SCRAPFX Laser-cut chipboards rubbed with Inka gold paints.

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