The genre of Japanese pop culture that is known as manga (pronounced man-gah) and anime has become increasingly popular over the past few decades. These comics and animated shows have an undeniable appeal for kids of all ages. Having so many popular characters out there makes one wonder if certain creative minds who are into these things would think of creating characters of their own.

I have been very into these things since the 1980’s when anime was still an obscure word. It didn’t take me very long to get into creating my own characters and stories. This year, we want to go ahead and share this style of drawing with those who hold manga and anime close to their hearts, especially young ones.

In the months of July and August we will be having Manga Drawing and coloring using Copics every Thursday as part of our summer programs for children. We’ll be sharing basic drawing techniques that will help kids create original art in the distinctive style of manga and anime.

Penciling and inking are integral steps to creating characters. Even in this age when much of the art in this genre is done on computers, nothing beats having solid skill with graphite, ink, and paper.

When the characters are ready, they are brought to life with color. We’ll be using Copic Manga sets to get these stunning hues. Did we mention that Copics are a brand of markers that are popular with manga artists, also known as mangaka? With the kind of colors that make it easy to achieve vivid effects, it’s no wonder that these markers are perfect for these drawings.

Here is a glimpse of the images that we will be working on in the workshop. By the way, we don’t plan on stopping at the end of summer. The workshop will be as available as our regular workshops! Look forward to it!

If you have kids or know any kids aged 8 and above who are interested in joining, just give us a call at the shop to sign up.



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