Since we first launched the Mini-foldout Album and Keepsake box as a workshop, it has become one of our most popular classes. Recently we have enjoyed seeing people express how wonderful this project is for many reasons. Not only is its size ideal, its design never ceases to amaze and impress people again and again. It makes for a perfect and memorable gift for any occasion and the workshop itself a perfect way to get friends together for any reason you can think of.

Here are some of our favorite moments.


Bride-to-be Abby was very surprised when one of her good friends, Lorna, secretly organized a mini-foldout brag book class for her and her best girlfriends as part of her hen party. The bride wore a purple tiara and lace veil while her friends paid her homage by wearing bandannas. It was a fun, crafty, and colorful day at the shop!

Here are the bride and her girlfriends with their Keepsake boxes ready to go.

Caoihme, one of our first Scrap Attack girls, made a mini-foldout for her fellow Scrap-Attacker, Mathilde, as a good-bye present. The outcome was beautiful. Great job, Caoimhe! We will miss you, Mathilde!

Rajul decided that the album would be the perfect way to present her surprise gift to her husband for his birthday. Pictures of them on their many tropical getaways were the perfect prelude to the big reveal of the wonderful vacation for two she had planned for them. You did very impressive work for your first time, Rajul!

For more pictures on this workshop, have a look at our Facebook page: CREATIVEHANDSDUBAI


For more information on this workshop see the in-store project FOLD -OUT BRAG BOOK .


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