It seems we can say that the appeal of decoupage can span age gaps and provide a chance for mother-daughter bonding. Here are a couple of samples by the talented girls and ladies that came for workshops and cropping.

Inna and her daughter Elise are a very crafty pair. Inna came to do tissue box decoupage and created a stunning red and white tissue box for her home. Elise put together a green jungly box with tissue of her choice to become a home for her various paper craft creations.

Leanne and Rebecca are another crafty mother-daughter duo. Leanne decided to organize all her scrapbooking paper in style with these filing boxes large enough to hold 12”x12” inch sheets. She chose elegant peacock themed paper and some black ribbon to decoupage her boxes. In the meantime, Rebecca worked on a blank cigar box as a gift for a close friend. Laser print photos were photo collaged on different surfaces of the box.

Those of you who might want to try decoupage can sign up for our Paper Napkin Decoupage workshop. We also have various wooden surfaces such as boxes and frames and other decoupage supplies.

Thanks for sharing your talents with us ladies! Cheers!

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