Cartonnage is the French word for the art of making boxes from scratch. It became a pastime in the 18th century. Boxes made are often covered with all sorts of fabric and can come in many shapes and sizes.

Here at Creative Hands, our very own Annais has been into her favorite craft of cartonnage for a number of years. Some of her work has been created especially for a number of our workshops. With our upcoming collection of Create It Yourself projects, some of her projects and techniques will be available in the form of kits that you can take away and work on at home. You can also choose to work on the kits as In-shop projects. Learn more about these kits here.

To get your appetite going for cartonnage, here is a small gallery of Annais’s previous projects.

Fabric Covered Boxes.

Paper Covered Boxes handmade for Mexar.

Basic Box covered with Handmade Metallic Paper, Photo Folder Box, and Decoupaged Cartonnage from workshops.

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