For a while, we have been receiving feedback from ladies that they love our projects and want to do them, but just don’t have the time to come to the shop for it. In response to this interest, we have come up with this idea for busy crafters —


We are officially launching a range of project kits designed by Annais of Creative Hands. The projects will cover such various paper crafts such as cartonnage, album making, scrapbook kits and other creative projects. Keep an eye out for this label if you are looking for a new project to try out.

The first of the many kits we are coming up with is an introduction to the art of cartonnageCartonnage is the French term for box making and is Annais’s favorite craft. She has been making boxes for a number of years and has created a number of original boxes, some of which are mainstay projects among our workshops.

With this, we present:


Call the shop for more details on this project.

We have lots of other ideas lined up for future projects, so look forward to what lies ahead! In the meantime, here is a sneak peek on the coordinating album to fit in the box:



Call if you have more questions or would like to book a day to work on the project in the shop.


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