Here it is crafters! Hot on the heels of its partner project, the Memory Trunk, the Postbound Gatefold Album by Annais makes its debut. The way the covers open up will surely provide new challenges and possibilities for the way you can layout its contents.

We hope you enjoy this project. The extensive creative research and development that led to the completion of this album and its companion trunk took us on quite a ride over the span of a few weeks. The ride is far from over though. As you all know, there is much more to come!

If you wish to have a different theme for your project and use different papers, you are more that welcome to come to the shop to choose your own.

The possibilities for further embellishments for the album are limitless. Here is a photo of the prototype decorated with metal trinkets and metal corners. Both are options that are available from our shop.

These albums are the perfect thing to nestle inside your Memory Trunk, but you can always make this album for its own sake. The process of making the album involves some techniques that will prove useful for future projects. After you do this project, you should be able to make simpler post-bound albums of your own, such as the ones here:

Above: 8″ x 8″ post-bound albums made by hand.

Call if you have more questions or would like to book a day to work on the project in the shop.

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