Now that summer is long over and school is kicking in all over the Dubai, we know that some of you are looking for a good after-school activity for your kids. Along with the Manga Class, which started over the summer, we will be continuing our Scrap Attack (weekly scrapbooking activity). We are also introducing our positively crafty Paper Crafting workshops for children.

Scrap Attack has been a mainstay workshop of ours during the school year. Kids can learn the basics of scrapbooking with a hands-on approach that explores different themes and techniques. By the end of even one cycle of sessions, the kids have enough material to have a full-fledged scrapbook of their own and the scrapping skills that they can use anywhere, even in school projects.

Remember the Manga class we started over the summer? We said we would be continuing it throughout the year. Thus, Manga Drawing is officially among the classes that we will be having for kids 8 to 13 years old!

The class focuses on learning drawing skills in the Japanese style of illustrating comics and animation. This style already has quite some influence over Western cartoons and comics. Students will learn how to draw manga characters, learning skills in anatomy, character design, and coloring techniques using Copic markers.

Paper Crafting is our exciting new offering that we decided to carry over from summer, just like the manga class. Each week, kids will get to try out a different paper-crafting project. Also like the Manga and Scrap Attack classes, each course runs for four weeks and you can renew after each cycle of four sessions.

Call to schedule a date and time for your child’s workshops or fill out the info below.

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