Hello, scrappers! Are you bored with your regular cut and paste layouts? Are you looking for the next level for your scrapping adventures? Or are you the type who is just willing to jump in, join the fun, and get your hands dirty? We have exactly what you are looking for right here!

Lately, we have been exploring the possibilities of this particular scrapping style and we have been blown away each time! We are very excited to teach these techniques through two classes: The Mixed Media Madness and the Mixed Media Scrapboard (check out the regular scrapboard workshop here. Scroll down for info on the Mixed Media Scrapboard)



Mixed media is definitely a must-try for the serious scrapper. The look and process of mixed media really borders on creating a fine art collage. It is a great way to incorporate found objects and different materials that you may have thought about using in a layout, but have been too afraid to try. There is no right or wrong way to do this technique.

While the scrapboard is great for any theme or subject, we encourage ladies to scrap themselves when it comes to the Mixed Media Madness layout. While you would usually scrap other members of the family and everything else, it’s nice to treat yourselves once in a while by creating a page that is ABOUT YOU. For this project, we will be mimicking the layout to get the best result. 

The best kind of picture  to use is a 4″x6″ high-contrast, almost over-exposed black and white photo. This ensures that the photo won’t be lost with all the delicious mayhem going on in the layout.



The Mixed Media Scrapboard workshop includes the scrapboard, assorted mediums, glue, foam tape, tissue tape, and 3 double-sided patterned papers. Extra embellishments can be purchased in the shop.

Disclaimer: Materials included in the workshops may vary from what you see in our post. Some materials may not be available all the time.

So, why prolong the wait, ladies? Our workshops are on demand and we can accomodate you anytime as long as the schedule allows.

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