The past few weeks has seen a surge in the number of decoupage projects done in the shop or at home by some of the ladies who come to us regularly. We can’t show everything, but here is a look at what some of these decoupage enthusiasts have been up to.

Decoupage is still very much a great mother-daughter activity, no matter what age you are. Here are Barbara and her daughter Claire working on their beautiful projects, a tissue box and a tray.

Sarah was supposed to do her workshop with her friend but ended up doing the class on her own. She quickly learned how to put together this beautiful summer garden of a tissue box. Very well done!

Our regulars from Abu Dhabi came by just today for a whole day of cropping. While there were other projects on the table, everyone had a decoupage project to complete. It’s always fun to watch these ladies get busy with their personal projects.

Leanne was able to finish two decoupage projects over the course of the day! Well done, Leanne! She made a small tissue box for her daughter who loves owls. She also made a bigger tissue box for elsewhere in the house.

After finishing four pages of scrapbook (her achievement of the day,) Nicky sat down to do this wooden file box with a family tree theme.  This box is perfect for storing 12×12″ scrapbooking paper pads and 3D scrapbook pages that will not fit in  regular album.

That’s that for this update, but you can see more pictures on our Facebook page here. If you’re interested to do this workshop, check it out here.

We had lots of fun this week and we look forward to more of these creative days!



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