It’s not hard to imagine why decoupage is so attractive to many crafters. It’s easy, and with the right materials, you can create one-of-a-kind items for your home or to give away as gifts. It is also both therapeutic and addictive.

Many people use decoupage to revive old pieces of furniture, like the lady and her son who did this over the summer. Last week, we had another lady who did the same.

Sara was with her sister, Lina, and their sister-in-law Salma. While Sara had already had her Paper Napkin Decoupage class, Lina and Salma were there for their own workshop. Here are the pieces they created.

Lina used Max and Whiskers paper from Basic Grey to create this super cute pet themed tissue box. This is a great box for any pet lover.

Salma opted to use a serving tray for her class. Vintage papers from Kaisercraft were used to make a tray that is more than perfect for serving refreshments. Don’t worry. The tray is perfectly sealed by the matte decoupage medium.

This is Sara’s second decoupage project. The little table is a secondhand piece. After all the work and thought she put into it, the table is absolutely priceless! Sara was able to achieve the shabby chic look she was after.

Decoupage is a very rewarding craft that everyone should try. Once you learn it, there is virtually no limit to what you can do with the technique. Interested individuals can see more about our Paper Napkin Decoupage workshop here. Remember that our workshops are on demand and as long as the calendar is clear, we can set your class schedule. Book your workshop now!

We hope you are as excited by these ladies’ projects as we are and get inspired to do your own things. Until next time: Cheers! 

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