Last Wednesday, we spent the whole day with Sushama and her daughter Nupur as part of their short vacation in Dubai.  In our opinion, every crafter ought to spend a whole day like this if they can: just being creative and learning new techniques. Here is what the mother and daughter pair were up to from opening until closing.

Sushama was very happy to finally get to do her Distressing 101 class. She thoroughly enjoyed going through all the dozen or so techniques in the workshop. She did very well indeed, as can be seen in her gorgeous collection of tags.

Nupur occupied the other table, making her Mixed Media layout. She had a go at the sewing machine, and though it was her first time to use it, she did very well with the stitches on the border of her page. Her mixed media work was a tribute to sisterhood and turned out very vivid and utterly charming. Below is a closer look.

Later in the afternoon, while her mother put together a scrapbook page, Nupur just had to make another mixed media project, this time on canvas. This time, the project was dedicated to her sister with a color scheme of purples, warm yellows, and greens. Splendid!

Thank you for a wonderful day ladies! We look forward to next time. See more pictures from Sushama and Nupur’s day at the shop here on our Facebook page.

If you are thinking of getting into technique classes such as Distressing 101 or Mixed Media Madness, call us to book your appointment or fill in the online booking form after each workshop description. Classes are on demand, so book now!


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