A lot of decoupage adventures are still unfolding at the shop this Holiday season. Here are a few of the most notable ones in the past couple of weeks:

A Couple’s Decoupage Day

Sarah is already a seasoned crafter when it comes to decoupage, but she was surprised as we were when her husband, Sam, said that he would like to take the decoupage course with us. While it is not new for a man to get into decoupage (some of the best decoupers around are men), it was a very new experience for us to have our first adult male student.

IMG_2086 (373x500)Personally, we think that all the guys should be as adventurous as Sam. 😉 He was an eager learner, which we always appreciate. While Sam worked on his tray, Sarah worked on another awesome project: a fish themed CD rack! This quirky piece was a found item that was obviously discarded by its previous owners. Well, all crafters know that one man’s trash is definitely another man’s (crafter’s) treasure!

IMG_2091 (500x373)It was extremely lovely and refreshing to watch this couple work and chat with each other. It was also very exciting to find out that Sam may actually have a knack for decoupage! What his next project will be, we don’t know yet, but a decoupaged car or Harley Davidson is not a bad idea at all. He may be the next Durwin Rice! : D

IMG_2109 (375x500)

Here are their finished projects all ready to go home and get used, gifted, or even sold. ; ) It was great having Sam and Sarah over for a few hours. Thanks, you two! We hope that you can sit with us more in the future and create more exciting projects!

The “Flutterby” Table

Speaking of exciting projects, our regular crafter Angie has finished another stunning decoupage piece! This time she took an Ikea table and decorated it in a romantic theme using Kaisercraft papers, Distress Inks, embossing powders, Prima Masks, and paint.

IMG_2028 (426x500)

IMG_2029 (466x500)

Don’t the painstakingly hand-painted flowers look like they will flutter off at a breath? As usual, Angie’s work is very inspiring!

One Last Project: Tropical Tissue Collage Frame

Finally, here is another piece of crafting inspiration: A tissue collage frame! This was made using five different serviettes! The frame holds a 5x7inch picture and the blanks are available at the shop. If you are looking for a quick and easy late Christmas gift, this frame is a great idea. This also another option you can ask for in our Paper Napkin Decoupage Workshop.

IMG_2024 (500x500)

See, even the men are getting hooked, so watch out ladies! Enroll in your decoupage class now! Read more on the course and book your slot here.

We hope that this inspires you to craft more! We certainly can’t wait to do our own decoupage projects now. : )

Cheers and Happy Holidays, crafters!

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