Coming all the way from Ajman is no joke, but still Maha and her niece Bahira make their way to our shop in DIP for creative workshops. Maha has already done decoupage and the mixed media scrapbook layout. This time, she has brought her niece to try her hand at scrapbooking and paper crafting.

They’ve come today for their second time together as Maha does her decoupage project and Bahira does her Scrap Attack scrapbooking workshop. Here are what they were able to create today. Well done!

IMG_2228 (500x500) IMG_2236 (500x500)

 These few hours also happen to be the last workshops we are having for 2012! In a short time from now the year will be over and 2013 will be marching in. Maha and Bahira are our lucky last customers for the year and likely our first for the next!

Wow! One more night and the New Year is here! Let’s look forward to another year of creativity and imagination!

happy 2013

From all of us here at Creative Hands!

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