Since the beginning of the Manga Drawing with Copic lessons, our in-house instructor has felt very privileged to know different young artists, each with their own brand of creativity and manga-drawing style. This January we welcome two new manga workshop attendees.

DSCF5239 (488x500)

DSCF5242 (462x500)

Jad is a high-spirited, computer-and-science-loving young man who will gladly discuss with you the nuances of Minecraft and touch on quantum physics and the concepts of time-travel as he sketches away at his work. Our first session was lively and full of fun conversation as we went over the basics of the first lessons.

IMG_2469 (500x500)

Mr. Omish is our eldest student to date! His grandson Ahan enrolled with us for winter and showed his drawings to his granddad, who is in Dubai for and extended visit. He loved what Ahan made and decided to join himself! It goes to show that you are never too old to learn something new. And, in the instructor’s opinion, at the age of 85 he’s not too shabby at drawing manga either!

Well done, gentlemen! We look forward to having you for more sessions in Manga Drawing.

Check out more information on this In-store project as part of our After School Create-ivities. See more pictures of the workshop on our Facebook Album.

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