The Duke of Edinburgh Award encourages young people to do worthwhile things with their free time. The program encourages character building through different activities, including creative pursuits – like scrapbooking, for example. Scrapbooking seems a fitting inclusion as far as creative activities go. The act of preserving memories for posterity  and doing so for loved ones and moments important to you has a kind of nobility in itself.


A young lady named Georgia chose scrapbooking as one of her creative skills to learn for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. She took our Start Scrapbooking course and then went on to cropping on her own to gradually fill her scrapbook in. Being the daughter of a crafter herself, she took to the techniques we showed her quite naturally. Looks like someone else will be using mom’s craft room soon. 😉

We were very happy to have her and we are very pleased that she still scraps with us every other week.  It’s nice to know that young people like her can get into an activity like scrapbooking as a way to develop themselves. Here’s some of her work that she did at our place.

A Family Affair (300x151) DSCF5030 (500x260) (300x156) DSCF5043 (500x252) (300x151) DSCF5032 (500x255) (300x153) DSCF5027 (500x259) (300x155) DSCF5035 (500x254) (300x152)

We have actually had quite a few young women coming in to do scrapbooking for similar programs. Those who might be interested in learning scrapbooking as part of your skill set can have a look over our Start Scrapbooking course here.

Here’s to scrapping!


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