When it comes to telling stories and using art to tell it, comics are in a class of their own. It takes a different kind of storyteller to translate the stories into pictures by their own hand.

Julia is one such individual who has a gift for bringing what she sees in her mind out onto paper. She has been drawing since she was about six as a pastime and an outlet for different things that she experienced as she was growing up. Now at thirteen, Julia has a distinct style that is very original and fresh.

Julia also happens to be the owner of a 72-piece Copic marker set that was a gift from her parents. She has been putting it to good use to start her own comic which may one day be available to the public.
IMG_1106 (500x500)
Julia is a very quick study when it comes to picking up the little tips and styles that she is taught. She has a huge imagination that leans toward adventure and urban fantasy, with a little horror to spice things up.
DSCF5367 (500x348)
DSCF5376 (354x500)

Here is Julia’s Valentine’s Day offering for fans of the horror genre. This is one of her many original characters, expressing her affection in her own way.

Julia is one of our students in the Manga Drawing with Copics Markers course, which is currently attended by quite a few kids.  If you think your young one has the potential to become a visual storyteller like Julia, a class like this might just help them develop such a special skill. Call the shop for details about the course or fill in the form below to sign up.

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