Learn the Art of Japanese comics and Coloring with Copic Markers!


The genre of Japanese pop culture that is known as manga (pronounced man-gah) and anime has become increasingly popular over the past few decades. These comics and animated shows have an undeniable appeal for kids of all ages. Having so many popular characters out there makes one wonder if certain creative minds who are into this kind of art would think of creating characters of their own.

Recently, we have been getting lots of interest in this activity as one of our After-School Create-ivities. And, no wonder! Learning how to draw such fun characters can be a very rewarding outlet for active young imaginations. Discover how you can keep creating your own characters with solid drawing skills and tips on how to get that manga and anime look. You will also learn how to bring your character to life with Copic markers.

Cost: DHS400; inclusive of all materials

Duration: 2 hours a week; 4 sessions a month

Current timings are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays(FULL) and Saturdays

Students can come in after school starting from 3pm onwards.


Call to schedule a date and time for your workshop or fill out the info below

See more about the course through the links below:



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