We aren’t tired of decoupage yet and it looks like we never will tire of it. We have been quite busy these past few weeks leading up to spring break. Some of this busy-ness has been given over to a few decoupage projects.

While it is too easy to find beautiful home accessories in any good home center, placing your own creativity into decoupage or any other project brings one more satisfaction. As for other people, knowing that you made something by hand lets them know that your project is totally unique.

IMG_2699 (500x500)

Fiona and Louise came by twice for cropping to decoupage their personal projects. Louise mastered “crackle art” (as Louise has dubbed it) the first time they came this month. She then confidently applied that skill to a beautiful little tissue box. Fiona worked on a file folder box and two nearly identical blue tissue boxes.

Here are their finished projects up close.

IMG_2678 (500x500)

IMG_3127 (500x500) IMG_3130 (500x500)

Royce (who, incidentally, is the second male to take the decoupage class) came to us at the suggestion of his wife so he can sharpen his decoupaging skills, especially with tissue. He definitely met his goals and went home with a handsome tray.

IMG_3112 (500x500)


IMG_3118 (500x500)

Barbara sat down with us as made this beautiful wood plaque with her grandson’s picture. The charcoal grey crackle on a white base coat complemented the artistic sketch effect of the print perfectly.

When the younger sister of our resident instructor came for a visit, she was able to pass some of the time creating her own custom bangles. Some paint, paper, bling, lace, and decoupage medium did wonders for these plain wooden bangles. Here are Joan’s bangles.

IMG_2844 (500x500)

To celebrate a new birth, this memory keepsake box and matching tissue box done up with Graphic 45’s Lullaby paper collection makes for a very personal and extra special gift.

IMG_3059 (500x500) IMG_3071 (500x500) IMG_3110 (500x500)

We love decoupage because when you have the technique down, you can decorate anything and make it one-of-a-kind. This is nearly the perfect gift to give someone the kind of person who has everything. Also, when you start, you can’t stop. This craft is definitely addictive, especially when you keep getting  good feedback on your projects and happy cries of thanks when you give them as gifts.

We hope this little sharing has given you a good dose of creative inspiration. We have been very busy as of late and have more things to share with all of you on the blog, so be sure to check back again soon.

Also, we recently had a new shipment come in with lots of new and restocked paper pads and other goodies. We can’t upload all of them now, unfortunately, but feel free to come by the shop anytime to check on what’s new.

Keep on crafting!


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