Mixed media techniques are endless in how different you can make them and how complex or simple you can go with the design. This is one thing that makes it so appealing to the collage-savvy. But truly, it is how awesome the finished project looks that makes it exciting.

March has seen its fair share of madness, the mixed-media way. Here are some projects that have come out just the way they were meant to be – awesome.
IMG_2832 (500x500)
Chantal gifted her friend Debbie with a Mixed Media Madness workshop. They came, they made their own mixed media concoctions, and in the end, everyone had huge smiles on their faces.

IMG_3051 (500x500)
Though we can’t share Debbie’s layout since it’s supposed to be a surprise for someone, here’s Chantal’s one, made with lots of love.

IMG_3049 (500x500)
Annelie brought her mother Gail along for the Mixed Media Madness workshop after deliberating carefully about what she wanted to do at our shop first. They came, early today, in fact to create layouts for Gail’s own mother and Annelie’s little girl.

DSCF5515 (500x500)

Four generations of women are in this photo. That makes this something special, indeed.

Here are Annelie’s layouts and Gail’s layouts respectively.

DSCF5517 (500x500)
Just a few effects here and there make this layout just right. Such a cute baby girl!

In contrast to her mother’s layout, Annelie took a minimalistic approach. However, the page is still full of techniques that make it mixed media. If you don’t feel like placing too many flowers on your page, it’s all right. But we will do our darndest to convince you. ; )

DSCF5521 (500x500)
The papers and embellishments make this 1950’s wedding photo stand out as the focal point. Just beautiful!

IMG_2738 (500x500)

This last page was created by Gaewyn using a photo of a painting of her daughter. The use of masks and misting and a few other techniques qualify her layout to be mixed-media.

Mixed Media MadnessMixed Media MadnessMixed Media MadnessMixed Media Madness

Creating a layout for someone special might just need a few techniques out of your ordinary style. Mixed media is a great way to do that and just a little madness is all it takes to make it perfect.

Want to try your hand at this technique? Read about it on our blog here. Give yourself a chance to try something different.

Hope this inspires you to give this great technique a try. 🙂 Keep Scrapping, Scrappers!

*See more pictures of this workshop in Facebook!


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