The answer to the question is: Pretty much everything about it!

Being able to create such beautiful flowers using the Italian Sospeso Trasparente  technique is incredibly rewarding. Once you have done one project, you feel like doing more. This technique is steadily gaining popularity worldwide and no wonder. Each session we have just proves over and over how brilliant Monica Allegro is to have created it. Here are a few of the latest products of the workshops with us.

Alifia and Fatima

Alifia and Fatima created cards with these shades of purple, blue, and brown. The finished pieces have a cool, refreshing feel to them that has just a touch of vintage. Exquisite!

DSCF5548 (500x500)


Suchi continued her learning experience in crafting with Sospeso Trasparente and was very diligent about it. Her efforts pay off on this beautiful plaque with its mix of blue, violet, and white blossoms. Gorgeous!

IMG_3326 (500x500)

Krishma and Marlyne were session mates for their Sospeso class. They both worked very carefully and cheerfully, choosing just the right colors that they like and the flowers to match. Here are their lovely cards.


Krishma used patterned paper accented with gold paint and enhanced by Distress Inks for her background.


Marlyne created her background completely from scratch with pearl acrylic and Distress Inks.


Asma came back for her own Sospeso class a week after her decoupage class. She was joined by Dawn who was lucky enough to find out about the scheduled session at the right time.  Asma chose to make a plaque while Dawn made the card. Here are their finished pieces. Stunning!



Itching to learn to make your own Sospeso Trasparente creation? Read more about this exciting craft here and see more breathtaking pieces of work on our Facebook page.

Keep on creating, crafters!


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