Gelli Art Printing Basics

Hi everyone!  Here’s a short video on the basics using the Gelli Arts Gel Plate. This is also how we created the wonderful orange and blue background for our Arabic themed card. All you need are the following:

  •         Gelli Arts Gel Plate – We are using the 6×6″ plate to create the card background.
  •         4 inch brayer – This brayer size is just enough for the 6×6″ plate.
  •         Your choice of acrylic paint – Get just enough paint of the plate to cover the surface but not drip over the sides. Practice a couple of times to get this right.
  •         A stencil – Lay the stencil of your choice on top of the paint.
  •        Thick paper – lay a piece of paper over the stencil and smooth over the gel plate with your fingers or with the brayer. The paper we are using here is drawing paper that has been cut to size.
  •         Distress Inks – Pull the paper off the plate and the set the plate aside. The paint dries almost right away and you can Distress over the paper with two or more colors of Distress Ink.
  •         Wet Wipes – Swipe the wipe over the paper quickly to remove excess ink and bring the acrylic out.
  •         Distress Stains – To add more depth to the card background, rub Distress Stain over the center of the design and swipe with a wet wipe to get the excess off again.

The card background is done!

Gelli Arts Gel Plates are available in three sizes and we are offering them with a special promotion:

Get the 6×6” Gelli Plate kit for DH165 and get a 4” brayer + 1 6×6” stencil of any design.

Get the 8×10” Gelli Plate kit for DH195 and get a 4”brayer.

Get the 12×14 Gelli Plate kit for DH375 and get a 6” brayer free.

Please remember that the quantity is limited and the offer is good while supply lasts, so get your own Gelli Plate now!

One thought on “Gelli Art Printing Basics

  1. Tricia Hardie says:

    Just found your blog and FB page. Enjoyed the video. Thank you.
    I am interested in the stencil you used for this project. Could you tell me the name and make of the stencil? I would appreciate the info. Thank you

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