We have not stopped seeing how amazing mixed media is and how strong its appeal is for so many people who have become attracted to it in their adventures as crafters. Two of our latest mixed media sessions were with very talented crafters from India. We were very happy to have them over as they created these gorgeous pieces on canvas in two different mixed media projects.

Here, Nupur poses  with her instructor, Ms. Annais and her completed Gelli Art Canvas. She was with us last year and did another Mixed Media work before, but this time we introduced her to Gelli Art printing and other techniques. We think the theme of this piece reflects Nupur as a crafter. It’s an amazing canvas that brings to mind a garden bursting with life.


Reena also worked on her own Mixed Media Madness on Canvas creation with a picture of her and her husband. Layers upon layers of paper, flowers and other materials make this piece a beautiful way to preserve a dear memory.




Reena was also able to do a Mixed Media Scrapboard with pictures of her family. Great job on this one!

Reena and Nupur created such wonderful and inspiring projects. If you want to learn these two NEW Mixed Media offerings call or visit us for more details.

Keep being crafty and creative!

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