Though the 3-Ring Art Journal Binder (shown below) was intended solely as a way to display Annais’s Gelli Plate prints, it caught the interest of two ladies who wanted to learn Gelli Plate techniques plus a unique project for the prints created. Here’s a look at what they were able to create after a whole day of printing in the morning and journal crafting in the afternoon.

Mariam and her friend Amira are two local teachers from an institute in Sharjah who became interested in Gelli Plate printing when they visited our shop. Above, Mariam works on her papers and displays one she has just finished.


Mariam’s finished journal is covered in swatches of cheerful color. Its open pages are displayed below.


Amira works on one of her Gelli Print sheets and displays it to the camera (below).



Amira’s finished 3-ring Journal is a combination of earthy hues with blues and yellows thrown in. Lovely!


What these two ladies did is just awesome and it was so fun seeing what their own creativity could come up with. Splendid job ladies! It was definitely worth all the effort.

If you are interested in doing the same sessions, they are available upon request.  It’s possible to have the two sessions in one day or on two separate days, with the Gelli Printing basics workshop first. Just call the shop for more information.

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