Before the summer got too hot and Ramadan set in, we had quite a few sessions for our different mixed media on canvas projects. Here are some of the finished works that are sure to make their owners’ walls quite attractive.

Siblings from Abu Dhabi – Sara, Noora, Hind, and Mohammad – came to each make a canvas. Here are their finished works.

All the siblings except for Sara used Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates to create the backgrounds for their projects. The plates make that part almost too easy.

Hind’s Gelli plate printed Quote Art Canvas gets beautiful doses of color with her choice of flowers.


Noora’s Quote Art Canvas is a tropical getaway.


Not tobe left out, younger brother Mohammad joined in the fun by creating his own pirate-themed Quote Art Canvas.


Big sister Sarah did her version of the Manga on Canvas Mixed Media project.


With her next session, Sara created this amazing travel themed canvas.

DSCF5776 (500x492)

Also from Abu Dhabi, Hana’a, created this Quote Art Canvas using dreamy colors.

Mixed media proves popular yet again! How can you not love how flexible these techniques are? You can hardly go wrong.
If you are interested in coming and doing a Quote Art Canvas session with us, call the shop for more information. We have various mixed media classes so we strongly suggest visiting the shop to check out what we have.

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