This year’s Summer Camp with Gelli Arts’s gel printing plate has not stopped at all since we started. Among the many projects the kids make, it seems that the Gelli Art Canvas from the Week 2 projects is a huge favorite among the campers. Here’s a look at the canvases the girls have created.

On the left, Madison proudly shows off her pretty artwork. Amber, on the right, sister to Freya and Caoimhe, makes her statement about art loud and clear with glitter glue letters and boldy colored flowers.


Freya’s bold tropical flowers go very well with her yellow and pink printed background. Caoimhe’s canvas is a colorful garden of hydrangeas and pink blossoms.


Veronica, on the right, used dark and light blues to create a wintry garden. Lavanya, on the right created a cherry blossom garden over her Gelli printed canvas.


Sarah’s canvas is a playful scattering of poppies and peonies on a magenta and purple printed background. Ceira’s canvas uses a mixed assortment of garden blossoms over her chevron and floral printed background.


Sisters Iona and Kyla have very different tastes as can be seen on their canvases. Iona uses a background print in a cool color and pinkish flowers to stand out. Kyla uses strong red and yellows in hers as well as boldy colored wildflowers.

Sophie created a blue and purple background and tropical flowers to contrast. Bahira used magenta and purple for her background and cherry blossoms to build up her flower garden.

Each of the girls created something that truly reflects each and every one of their personalities and we had so much fun helping them do it. Amazing job, you all!

Summer’s not over yet and even now kids are still signing up for the Gelli Arts Gel Printing Summer Camp. There’s still time to get to so these exciting projects with Gelli Arts’s Gel Printing Plate! Look forward to more great work from our summer campers.

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