CFFs – Crafting Friends Forever

Most of us enjoy working solo on our crafting just about any day, but working closely with a good friend makes things twice as fun! Recently a few ladies have gotten together in pairs to take some of our sessions. Some of these pairs have even come for sessions again and again. Someone should invent a new term: CFFs – Crafting Friends Forever, to describe these ladies who love to be crafty together. Here are a few of these buddies who have been with us over the summer.

Mitra and Sheryl met at a workshop and became fast friends. They did few workshops together and here they are at a Quilling Me Softly session, chatting and working away.


Here are Mitra’s finished cards all ready to go.


Here are Sheryl’s cards all finished and ready for her to show off to her friends.


Louise and Ceanlia are teachers working for the same school. Both of these ladies are quite crafty and agreed one day to come together at the shop. Lousie decoupaged a memory box for a dear pet and Ceanlia took the Memory Art Canvas Mixed Media session.


Here’s Louise’s box all ready for doggie keepsakes and cherished photos.


Ceanlia’s Memory Art Canvas was intended as a gift for her nephew, but we’re no longer sure if she’s going to give it. This turned out amazing! Note the discarded computer parts used as part of the embellishments.


Maha and Hazel met at their MBA classes and Maha shared about our shop to Hazel. Sure enough, the two set up a date and time. They chose to learn the decoupage technique for a new surface that we have: woven items.


Here are Maha’s (left) and Hazel’s (right) finished bags. Who wouldn’t want beautiful yet useful accessories like these for a day out?

Do you have a CFF or two who you have lots of fun crafting with? Why not come over and do a session together? Choose from one of our many In-shop Projects posted here on our blog, or drop by the shop to see what you can be up to on our workshop with your CFF.

Keep on creating, crafters!

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