Our most recent featured crafter, Gaewyn, learn the Italian technique of Sospeso Trasparente with us and fell in love with it. From her first card, she went on to create a little collection of greeting cards ready to give to her friends for them, in turn, to give away to someone special. Here is a look at her work.


The yellow and orange backdrop make this card glow. The look is quite suitable for the chipboard lamppost and the lighter color of the shaped blossoms.


The chipboard dress form and the color of the flowers make this card extra feminine, a great birthday card for a lady of any age.

Sospeso decoupage

The combination of flowers on a trellis arch and a script background make this card both romantic and nostalgic.

Decoupage sospeso

What time is it? It’s time to celebrate! That’s what this card seems to be saying with its blue flowers and a radiating background pattern. Beautiful!

Others have also discovered the beauty of Sospeso, like Tasneem who embellished this silver platter with moulded flowers. So lovely!


If you want to give the Sospeso Trasparente Volume Decoupage technique a try, read more about our offered workshop HERE.

We really love the projects featured here today and hope you get a few ideas of your own to try. Keep on creating!

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