Clocks have always been fascinating and appealing to many ever since more accurate means of measuring time were created. They figure a lot in scrapbooking and are staple items in homes, schools, and offices.

Once we started creating our own clocks with different decoupage techniques, we became very excited! Not only are these timepieces decorative, they are also an essential part of a functional room in the home. With our new CREATE IT YOURSELF “IT’S ABOUT TIME” KITS you can customize you own clock to suit your home décor perfectly. Clocks like these also make beautiful and “timely” gifts for any occasion, especially now that Christmas is practically tomorrow.

The “It’s About Time” Kits include a clock base, a re-usable number stencil, and the clock mechanism. Available sizes are 12 inch and 8 inch. You can get the kit to create on your own at home or let us assist you if you choose to make it as an In-Shop Project.

With the In-Shop Project, there are four techniques you can choose from to create your clock. So, whatever your crafting style or if you are in the mood to try something totally new, there is a technique that is right for you. The possibilities are endless.
Decoupage clock

ONE-STEP CRACKLE – You will love how this technique gives your tissue decoupage a different dimension.


DURATION: 3 hours



3D PAPER LAYERING – Learn how to use your favorite scrapbooking paper to decorate your clock.


DURATION: 3 hours


Crackle art
CRACKLE ART CLOCK – Learn how to layer tissue over a crackled surface to create a shabby chic look.


DURATION: 3 hours


RAISED PLASTER DISTRESS TECHNIQUE – Those with a love for vintage pieces will enjoy learning how to create this lovely shabby, distressed look. You’ll be surprised what goes into this!


DURATION: 3 hours

Isn’t this project just one of the coolest things? Come over to the shop and take some “time” out to CREATE IT YOURSELF!

Call to schedule a date and time for your workshop or fill out the info below

Keep on creating!

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