Welcoming and accommodating guests is a pleasure many people in Dubai enjoy. Homeowners decorate guest rooms in a way that makes the guests feel welcome and quite at home. In terms of décor, everyone has their preferences, but how about adding a unique personal touch of your own with a welcoming message in the form of a decorative plaque. You can even create one with an inspirational quote just for yourself.

Martie is one lady from Abu Dhabi who has come to create with us many times. She just loved the idea for the plaque and decided to create one to inspire her everyday with a special quote.

Quote decoupage plaque

Here is Martie’s finished plaque with its quote that everyone should take to heart. This is just beautiful!


Barbara is the lady who started it all, that is, she is the first one to create the plaque as in-shop projects with our assistance. She did an amazing job of putting together three fantastic pieces, each one already matched to a guestroom in her home in the UK. Above is a lilac themed plaque to welcome a guest.


The orchids from her wallpaper helped Barbara choose the colors for the plaque above. The orchid accents were cut from the wallpaper itself and moulded using the Sospeso Trasparente technique.


Barbara’s third plaque uses a mostly green and white color scheme with bright splashes of pink. Just lovely!

These ladies did splendidly and so can you. The unfinished plaque is available as one of our many decoupage blanks. Take one home to work on today or call and set a day and time to have us assist you in creating your plaque as an in-shop project. For those taking it as an in-shop project, let us know what your favorite quote at least a day before.

Hope today’s post inspires you. Keep on creating!

If you want to create your own quote plaque with us, you can also signup here:
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