We don’t need to say more about how amazing and addictive a craft decoupage can be. Recently we have had more people interested in learning the craft and have turned out to be pretty good at it too.

Gail had always wanted to get into a hobby like this and found our shop after a little searching on the Expat Woman forums. She decided to use a paper and tissue technique to create her first decoupage project. The result is a beautiful rose-themed box with a vintage look. Gail did splendid work, though it was her first time trying.


Sheryl is a crafter who decided to learn decoupage so she could work on such projects with her granddaughter when she visits her in Australia. She used the same antique roses Gail used (these roses turned out to be a crafter favorite that week) over a crackle finish to create her beautiful shabby chic box.


Tasneem chose to work with a tray for her decoupage session. She used a very detailed tissue and carefully cut out the flowers, fruits, and stems. The background of white crackle for all that floral detail gives the tray a cottage chic charm.

We just love how these decoupage projects turned out and how each lady added their own personality to their respective pieces. Its makes you wonder how you can create your own unique pieces, doesn’t it? If you’d like to take a session with us, you can check out the workshop details here: Paper Napkin Decoupage.

We hope you got inspired with today’s shared projects. Keep on creating!

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