When it comes to mixed media, it’s really, really hard to stop. We just keep on going. You will love these four new Mixed Media Madness projects that are now available as In-shop sessions – 3 wall art pieces and a scrapbook page. Feast your eyes on these decadent projects with an absolutely sinful collection of flowers and metals.

heavy Metal Blooms

This project features paper layering, stitching, texturing, and many more mixed media techniques. Metals are the start of this piece and you can choose what word you can have in the center. All of this goes onto a 9×9 inch square pinewood panel.

Class Duration: 4 hours

Cost: AED250; inclusive of all materials



Gone Dylusional

This very “industrial baroque” dream of a project has got a whole toss-up of chipboard, paper flowers, buttons, metals, and other embellishments. However, the name of the project comes from the vibrant colors of Dylusions Ink Sprays. This project is a whole lot of fun on a 9×9″ pinewood base!

Class Duration: 4 hours

Cost: AED375; all materials except photo included; black and white matte photo recommended


Awesome Blossoms

Moving away from the darker colors of the two other projects, this In-shop project is just as heavy on materials as its companions, but uses pastels in its color scheme. This piece also focuses on arranging and layering different kind of floral embellishments to frame your photo. Stretched canvas is the base of this project.

Class Duration: 4 hours

Cost: AED250; all materials except photo included; matte photo recommended



Simple Textures

Last, but certainly not least, is one for the boys/men in your life. Metals play a big part here, but it’s the simple shapes and geometric texturing that take center stage. Canvas paper is used to hold everything for this piece. And did you notice? Not a flower in sight.

Class Duration: 4 hours

Cost: AED200; all materials except photo included; matte photo recommended


There it is, folks our new exciting and amazing projects for Mixed Media Madness. With mixed media, there is always something new to try out. Choose a project and let’s go mad together!

Call to schedule a date and time for your workshop or fill out the info below

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