It’s a really great mini getaway to call up a friend and schedule a crafty day together. In this case, Jeanine brought her friend Bridget over for some quality scrapping time with our Mixed Media Madness Layout. It was enjoyable to say the least.


Bridget gets some pointers from Jean while Jeanine works confidently on her own page. Jeanine has already done a mixed media session with her daughters in the workshop and has applied her learnings, no doubt to her own creations.


Above is Jeanine’s beautiful tribute to her family. It is just exquisite!

Bridget’s layout was just as lovely and full of rich color. Her layout was for her daughters and how they were before and how they are now that they are grown up. Beautiful!

That session yielded spectacular results and we are thrilled by how well these two ladies did. Doesn’t it just make you want to get into it too? Check out our Mixed Media Madness projects to know how to begin and our Mixed Media Craze projects to carry on the fun!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Keep on creating!

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