Mixed media scrapping is a mix of art and scrapbooking that you can just marvel at for minutes on end. All the little details in the colors, textures, and techniques draw you in and hold you spellbound. Then you just have to ask: How in the world do they do that? Here are three ladies who have since found out how.

Preeti was stalled from coming for a couple of times before she finally made it. It’s a good thing she did because her handiwork turned out spectacular, as seen below.





Maria was the first lady to try our mixed media workshops and here she is, back again. This time, she’s got a scrapboard, a New York theme in mind and awesome photos to match.


Maria’s scrapboard looks so awesome, and it’s not even finished yet! Just imagine how amazing it’ll look after she adds the finishing touches at home!


Lovely Georgia created a mixed media page inspired by one of our Mixed Media Craze layouts. We just love how this turned out with her choice of colors! Quite coincidentally, Georgia also had a New York theme.

Above is a closer look at Georgia’s page.

Ladies like these never fail to inspire us to keep creating. We hope that you agree with us and keep on creating yourselves!

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