DIY Ramadan Stenciled Cushions

Accent cushions are a great way to bring a touch of the holy month into your home decor. You can even set them out any time of the year to give your decor a Middle Eastern touch. Use our Middle Eastern collection of stencils to create your own accent cushions for your own home or as gifts this Ramadan season.


The traditional brass coffee pot (Dallah) and cup play essential roles during Iftar and Suhoor. They are also distinct everyday items that reflect the culture of the region. This image was created with a layered stencil set.

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The Kerosene Lantern brings one back to the roots of the UAE before modernization. These lanterns lit businesses as well as homes before electricity became commonplace.

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The Medkhan or clay incense burner is a staple in many Arab homes to burn fragrant bukhoor. These vessels are also a great souvenir. If you’re not too fond of incense, perhaps a stenciled cushion would be a more welcome keepsake.

Buy the Clay Medkhan stencil today.


Arabic calligraphy is also a wonderful way to decorate an accent cushion. The graphic above reads as “Ahlan wa Sahlan” or welcome. This is a great accent to place in a guest room or by the front door to welcome visitors.

Get the Ahlan wa Sahlan stencil now.

These accent pillows will look just fabulous stenciled in a color that coordinates with your living room or bedroom. Get your stencils today and get crafting!

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We can’t wait to get these designs on other projects, too!

Keep on creating!



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