There are lots of good reasons that your kids should get into arts and crafts. Crafts are a great way for kids to express their individuality and imagination; they learn a form of wordless communication that speaks volumes. Crafting provides a way for them to explore materials and mediums that they may develop a serious liking to in the future. Crafts help boost self-esteem with the sense of achievement that kids get when they complete a project, even more so when the project looks amazing!

Kids who have been crafting with us learn techniques and make projects that can be used later in school and at home. Creating something of their own also teaches them how to choose; the more say they have in what they are making, the more their creation becomes truly their own.

With all these great reasons to get your child into something creative, why not with our After School Create-ivities! Let your child explore the wide world of paper crafting, decoupage, stamping, and more!


Above are the first month projects that are great for first-timers. They will learn how to stamp, work with inks, two ways of embossing, working on canvas, and other fun ways to get started with paper crafting! Greeting cards will be present throughout the program so kids will have a collection of cards ready to give away at the right occasion.



The second month projects echo the season with handmade greeting cards, a accordion photo album, a decorative frame with air-dry clay accents, and a decoupage monogram. Please bring 10 photos for the accordion album.


It’s only appropriate to finish off a year with a handmade calendar project. This will be perfect for welcoming 2017. Of course, year and month printouts will be changed accordingly.

What do you think about our After School Create-ivities projects? We love them to bits  and can’t wait to see what how the kids create their own versions of our projects!

Sign up today and let your child’s imagination, creativity, and expression grow with us!


Call 04 884 9343 to sign-up or for more information.

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