A Whole Week of Crafty Fun!

While others went away for Eid holidays, we had our own version of a crafty stay-cation. We had a full week of classes with people eager to get crafty before school and work started up again. And boy, was it fun!


Paper Marbling was in demand this week. We did it three times! It was a sibling affair for two workshops. It was Jad and Jasmin first and then Anoushka and Rian the next day. Two lady visitors from Oman, Claudia and friend, did the third.


Our visitor from Oman also found time to squeeze in a Tissue Decoupage session after the first workshop. She did amazingly with this very tropical macaw and flowers pattern.


While her son and daughter were busy with their Paper Marbling workshop, Archana had her Sospeso Trasparente Melange workshop at the other end of the table. Her finished plaque will be displayed in a spot where it can get the attention it deserves.


We offered our Creative Camp from over the summer during Eid week. These girls kicked off all this artistic revelry with their awesome Mixed Media Tote Bags. Two of the girls, Silvia and Gabby, were with us for just a day as they were visiting from Oman with their mother.


Sisters Nisha and Shreya and friend Jill show off their beautiful Creative Journals. They had too much fun creating the covers for this art journal with layers of medium and color.


Shreya and Nisha, learned a super colorful technique for the first spread of their Creative Journals. They learned how to use a tissue collage as a base for their artwork and journaling.


For the final day of camp, the sisters brought another friend. Noor was with them to create their very own Trinket Boxes. Each girl did impressively well, as can be seen with their finished projects.

As you can see, we had an amazing week! These projects are not just available for Eid holidays only. You can book for any of these single projects as regular workshops. You can also click on “Learn” at the top of our page to see what other workshops we have available all year round.

Call today to book your Creative session with us! 04 884 9343 or 050 104 7558


Keep on Creating!








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