Faux finishes are a great way to give your home projects a touch of age and roughness. They can also add a bit of whimsy to your work. Whatever you want to do to your projects, they will always look unique and special with a faux finish you did yourself.

Creating natural-looking faux finishes can be quite difficult for the everyday crafter, but we have some exciting new mediums that make it super easy: the Folk Art Painted Finishes.

These new paints are now available in the shop! Ask about cash on delivery so you can try them at home. Call or WhatsApp us today to order: 050 104 7558.


There are four different finishes from this line of paints. They work nicely alone but they look best with their matching faux finish medium.

Try out the mediums with us through these fun projects we have come up with. There is one for each different paint finish for you to try. We will build the whole palette-style frame from scratch with you.


Barnwood Painted Finish

The Barnwood Painted Finish works best on unfinished or unpainted (real) wood. The result is a beautifully grained rustic style finish.

Hello Owls

Cost: AED200; inclusive of all materials

Duration: 3 hours



Concrete Painted Finish

We were surprised how much we actually liked this Painted Finish. Either dark or light versions can be used alone, but using them one after the other gives a more authentic look. This finish works best on rigid surfaces. It can be used on metal, plastic, wood, and terra cotta.


Cost: AED250; inclusive of all materials

Duration: 3 hours



Rust Painted Finish

The Rust Painted Finish is one of the most authentic looking faux rust finishes that we have encountered. It is extremely effective on metals but it also works on porous surfaces just fine. We love using it over metallic paint to give a project the illusion that it is really made of metal. This makes a perfect gift for him.


Cost: AED250; inclusive of all materials

Duration: 3 hours



Moss Painted Finish

We just love how cute and whimsical the Moss Painted Finish looks. It’s perfect for garden themed projects to add a touch of lush green. The product can work on metal, plastic, wood, and terra cotta. Imagine placing a bit of this on your pots and planters!

Enjoy the Little Things

Cost: AED250; inclusive of all materials

Duration: 3 hours

These finishes are inspiring lots of ideas with us! We hope you get inspired, too.

Call us for more information and book your in-shop project today.

Too busy to come and make it yourself? We can sell you the kit. We can also customize it for you.

Keep on Creating!

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