With the UAE in the middle of Spring Break families are looking for things to do. With the weather getting warmer, kids’ indoor activities are becoming a must. Are you looking for something special for kids to do while on break?

Few indoor activities are as rewarding and educational as crafting. This Spring we have a whole host of projects to choose from: From simple projects that last an hour to full 4-hour sessions, we have fun, creative crafts to offer.

Spring 2017 Projects

These spring-themed projects are made with a touch of whimsy and magic in mind.

Fairy Jars 

These magical jars can be lit up for the full effect of fairies in tiny gardens. They are fairy pretty at night time.

AED250 for 3 Fairy Bottles of different designs;

4 hour session; all materials included.

For ages 8 and up.

Pallete- style Heart Wall Sign

This paper decoupage project uses scrapbooking paper to create this beautiful spring-themed wall décor. Basic quilling techniques are among the skills that can be learned in this project. This session is also available for adults.

AED250; 4 hour session; all materials included.

For ages 8 and up.


This is a beautiful scrapbook page mounted on a elegant standing frame, ready for display on any shelf or table. This is another project that is available for adults.

AED250; 4 hour session; all materials included.

For ages 8 and up.


Emojis and Emoji Pets

The Emojis and Emoji Pets are a great and fun way to spend a quick hour. You can paint the blank wooden bases with any paint color of your choice and embellish with stamping. Our latest addition to the Emoji Pets is the very popular Unicorn emoji.
This workshop is great for kids from 6 years and up.

AED75 per Emoji In-shop activity.

You can also purchase the emojis as blank sets and work on them at home.



Assorted Crafty Projects

We have a whole array of full 4-hours session projects for kids to do. We have canvases, scrapbook layouts, card-making workshops, and more. It’s best to come and visit the shop to see the different projects that we have or check out our older Instagram posts. Most of these projects are for ages 8 and up.

Book now!

For more information call 04 884 9343

These offerings are not only limited to Spring Break. Book your kids for these activities on any day of the year.

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