After School CREATIVITIES 2017

This year’s After-School Creativities are more fun and colorful than ever!

We have three months’ worth of amazing new projects that focus on working with the Gelli Plate.

We have a season and holiday-themed projects as well as projects that can be used at home and in school.


Here’s a look at what we have for this year’s after-school crafting:

1st Month Projects


Trick or Treat Pumpkin

Before Christmas, Halloween comes with its costumes and candy and spooks. This cute pumpkin can sit outside your door and let neighborhood kids know that you are game for trick or treating. The Trick or Treat bag is a bonus. Project time: 2 hours

Christmas Cards

We’re getting an early start with the Christmas Cards so they will be ready to go when Christmas time gets busy. This set of 2+1 bonus cards features a fun interactive card. Project time: 4 hours


Christmas Baubles

These baubles are also getting done early. They make cute additions to your tree décor and make lovely gifts for relatives and friends too. Project time: 2 hours

2nd Month Projects


Paper Tube Organizer

Made from recycled tubes, this desk organizer will keep a study table tidy and colorful. Project time: 4 hours

Stamped Decoupage Medkhan (National Day)

The medkhan or incense burner is an item found in many local homes. If you don’t burn incense, you can use this project to hold small items that you need to keep in handy like keys or everyday jewelry. Project time: 2 hours

Gelli Plated Cereal Box Notebooks

An extremely fun project! Kids should bring at least 2 empty cereal boxes for this activity. They will create 2 lined notebooks and one unlined sketchbook. Project time: 2 hours

3rd Month Projects



Stamped Gift Wrapping Paper & Gift Tag

By this time Christmas will be just a couple of weeks away. Gift wrapping paper will always be in demand when it comes to Christmas. Kids will make 3 gift wrapping papers and matching gift tags. Project time: 2 hours

Mermaid Wall Décor

This is a wonderful project to hang in the bathroom or by a pool. This mermaid is colored using the Gelli plate and stenciling. The flowers in her hair are made with Gelli printed papers too. Project time: 2 hours

Gelli Printed Tea House

This cute little house is for storing your teabags and keeping them handy for when you need them. Use an LED tea-light and it becomes a charming votive holder. Project time: 2 hours

And that’s our roundup of the projects for after-school crafting this year. Kids will learn wonderful techniques on projects that can be gifted or used at home. These projects will be available all year round.

Cost: AED500 per month.

Pay for 3 months and pay only AED1,400

Duration: 2 hours per sessions; one session per week

Book for your kids now!

Whats app  050 104 7558 or call  04 884 9343 to register

All projects are available as individual workshops at AED200 per project.





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