Manga Drawing with Copics button (300x100)
The genre of Japanese pop culture that is known as manga (pronounced man-gah) and anime has become increasingly popular over the past few decades. These comics and animated shows have an undeniable appeal for kids of all ages. Having so many popular characters out there makes one wonder if certain creative minds who are into these things would think of creating characters of their own.

Discover how you can keep creating your own characters with solid drawing skills and tips on how to get that manga and anime look. Learn how to bring your character to life with Copic markers.

As part of our After-school Creative-ities, Manga Drawing with Copics will provide kids with a great start to drawing their own characters in this well-known style. In a series of sessions, each young artist will learn how to draw the very basics: eyes, hair, faces, and bodies in a series of sessions. They will also learn how to color with Copic markers, a brand of markers used by all sorts of creative professionals. Even kids who already have some experience with drawing can benefit from the lessons in the intermediate and advanced levels.

Cost: AED 500, all materials included;

4 sessions; 2 hours after-school; once a week

Let your kids join in this fun drawing class.

Adults are welcome too.